CNC Rapid Aluminium Parts Manufacturer. DFM Rapid, also known as CNC Rapid, is your go-to CNC Aluminium Parts Manufacturer in China, delivering high-quality, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing aluminium parts. Our aluminium components stand out in the market due to their lightweight nature and affordability. They are crafted in less time compared to other metals like steel, eliminating the need for additional finishes.

Aluminum Enclosure CNC Machining Services

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The Superiority of Aluminium

Aluminium, known for its chemical resistance and easy machinability, boasts a high strength-to-weight ratio. It’s a third of the weight of steel, making it an excellent choice for various applications. Its excellent conductivity of electricity and heat makes it perfect for heat sinks. Plus, its reflective properties, non-magnetic nature, and malleability further enhance its versatility.

CNC Aluminium Machining Service

Your Reliable Aluminium Parts Manufacturer

At DFM Rapid, we believe in the power of CNC Machining for creating prototypes and testing samples before full-scale production. Our 20 advanced CNC machines ensure quick-turn manufacturing, meeting your prototype or production demands. We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring every order meets your specifications.

Rapid Prototyping CNC Machining Aluminum

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Custom CNC Machining Services

We offer a wide array of CNC machining parts and are open to manufacturing custom CNC machining parts tailored to your unique needs. Our services include turning, milling, drilling, tapping, boring, and grinding for a variety of materials.

Aluminium parts manufacturer

No MOQ, Just Quality

At our CNC machining China factory, we don’t impose a minimum order quantity. We love CNC jobs and are committed to delivering the best parts for your projects within your deadlines. Our advanced CNC machines enable us to offer rapid prototyping and low-volume CNC machining services for both plastic and metal parts. We also provide surface finishes like anodizing and powder coating.

Why Choose CNC Machining?

CNC Machining, also known as computer numerical control machining, is a globally recognized manufacturing method known for its accuracy. It’s a fast, precise, and versatile machining method, suitable for any quantity of product orders, without the need for mold creation, making it cost-effective.

Materials We Work With

Common metal materials on the market such as stainless steelmild steelaluminumcopperbrass, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy can be used for CNC machining. Plastics can also be CNC machined. Such as acetal, POM, ABS, Polycarbonate, PMMAPEEK, and more.

CNC machining in Aluminum CNC machining in Brass

Our Capacity and Tolerance Range

Our machines can handle a maximum part size of 2000 x 600 x 600 mm, 78.7 x 23.6 x 23.6 in. The tolerance range varies depending on the dimension of the parts, typically from +/-0.01mm to +/-0.15mm.

One-Stop Service for Product Development and Volume Production

DFM Rapid provides a professional one-stop service in product development and volume production, from Rapid prototype to CNC machining production. We specialize in making high-quality rapid prototypes from plastic or metal without investing in expensive tooling. Your parts will achieve tighter tolerances with better surface finishes than with other prototyping methods. We can also machine all the features needed for a fully functional part, including tapped and threaded holes and precisely flat surfaces.

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Get in Touch

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If you need Metal & Plastic parts machined for prototypes or production, feel free to get a quote online or email us at [email protected] to discuss your project. We are your trusted partner for Aluminum CNC Service. Please include the following information for an accurate quote:

  • Part Name
  • 3D Drawing
  • Quantity
  • Material
  • Tolerance Range
  • Surface Finish

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