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CNC machining in Brass

Brass, featuring low friction and a golden appearance, is an alloy known for its excellent machinability and superior electrical conductivity. Perfect for applications needing minimal friction.

CNC Brass Parts
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CNC Machined Brass Parts

CNC machining Brass Materials

CNC machining delivers components boasting superior mechanical qualities, precision, and consistency across both metal and plastic. Options for 3-axis and 5-axis CNC milling are available.

Available materials

CNC machining in Brass

Brass C360, a highly machinable alloy, offers notable tensile strength and inherent corrosion resistance. Perfect for components needing minimal friction.

CNC machining in Brass

Brass C260 exhibits high ductility, strength, and corrosion resistance. Ideal for decorative and musical applications.

CNC machining in Brass
Brass H62

Brass H62 is a balanced alloy with good plasticity, strength, and corrosion resistance. Suitable for general machining and decorative applications.

CNC machined brass

Brass stands out as one of the most machinable metals, which makes it exceptionally suitable for CNC machining processes. Its array of beneficial properties, including durability, positions it as a preferred material across various industries like plumbing, electrical, and medical. The versatility and ease of working with brass contribute to its widespread use in manufacturing parts for a broad range of applications. In CNC machining, brass parts start from a raw metal block, progressively machined away to achieve the precise shape or design required.

Custom Brass Parts

Brass CNC Machining Services

Our comprehensive CNC machining capabilities enable us to manufacture complex parts using Brass C360, renowned for its high strength, corrosion resistance, low friction, and excellent electrical conductivity. Brass’s versatility makes it perfect for a wide range of applications. We utilize an extensive array of CNC mills and turning centers, allowing us to craft everything from straightforward, ‘as-machined’ fixtures to intricate designs with precise tolerances. Opt for our brass machining services and enhance your parts with up to six post-processing/surface finishing techniques, such as bead blasting, powder coating, smooth machining, and polishing.