Precision machining is a delicate balance of technology, skill, and attention to detail. At CNC Rapid, we’ve mastered this balance, especially when it comes to custom brass parts. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our expertise, ensures that when you choose CNC Rapid, you’re opting for precision, quality, and reliability. Whether you’re in the initial stages of product design or in the midst of final production, our team is ready to assist, ensuring that your vision is realized with unparalleled precision.

Custom Brass Machining Service

The Allure of Brass

Brass is not just about its aesthetic appeal. It offers a unique blend of properties that make it a go-to choice for various applications. Its low friction, excellent electrical conductivity, and resistance to corrosion are just a few attributes that make it stand out. But to truly harness the potential of brass, precision machining is essential.

Custom Brass Parts

CNC Milling Service

CNC milling is a subtractive manufacturing process that rapidly removes material from metal or plastic blocks to produce precision parts with tight tolerances.

CNC Cutting

CNC Turning Service

CNC turning produces parts with cylindrical features by removing material from metal or plastic rods using cutters, center drills or live tooling.

Custom CNC Machining Part

CNC machining metals

  • Aluminum: High machinability and ductility, good strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Stainless steel: High tensile strength, corrosion and temperature resistant.
  • Brass: Low friction, excellent electrical conductivity, golden appearance.

We offer the wide range of CNC machining parts and we are open to manufacturing custom CNC machining parts as per your unique requirements. CNC machining services feature personalized customer service for made-to-order parts and components. We offer turning, milling, drilling, tapping, boring, and grinding for a variety of materials.

CNC Machined Part Manufacturer

The CNC Rapid Difference

  1. Advance Equipment: Our facility boasts the latest CNC machines, ensuring that every brass part we produce meets the highest standards of accuracy and finish.
  2. Skilled Craftsmanship: Behind our machines is a team of seasoned professionals with years of experience in brass machining. Their expertise ensures that every cut, drill, and finish is executed to perfection.
  3. Customization at its Best: We understand that every project is unique. Whether it’s a specific design, tolerance level, or finish, we tailor our services to meet your exact requirements.
  4. Rapid Turnaround: Time is often of the essence. Our streamlined processes, combined with our expertise, ensure that your custom brass parts are delivered promptly without compromising on quality.

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Applications of Our Custom Brass Parts

From electrical components and decorative items to intricate parts in the automotive and aerospace sectors, our precision-machined brass parts find applications in a myriad of industries. Their durability, conductivity, and aesthetic appeal make them a preferred choice for both functional and ornamental purposes.

CNC Brass Parts

Commitment to Quality

Every custom brass part that leaves our facility undergoes rigorous quality checks. We believe in getting it right the first time, ensuring that our clients receive components that are ready for immediate use or integration.

Custom Brass Parts

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Custom CNC Milling

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