Precision CNC machining China. Our precision CNC machining services can work with a variety of materials, from titanium to acrylics. Offering a wide range of machining processes, from bending and splining to turning and threading, we can even manufacture in-house tooling and fixtures to meet production needs.


Using a range of technologies, We can utilize various materials including alloy steels, aluminum, bronze alloys, copper, nickel, titanium, stainless steel, and more. In addition to metal-based CNC machined components, we also work with plastic polymer materials.


With the ability to employ our advanced CNC machining services to a broad variety of applications, such as engine and hydraulic components, shafts, sockets, and castings, we have happily served multiple industries, including energy, food processing, and machinery.

Precision CNC machining China

Offering low to mid volume production services with CNC, We can support your CNC control capability, CAD design service, and CAM programming service needs. We also offer a range of secondary, value-add services for our customers, including anodizing, assembly, drilling, plating, welding, and heat treating, among others.

Precision CNC machining China

Precision CNC machining China

DFM precision cnc machining co., Ltd. provides you a professional one-stop service in product development and volume production, from Rapid prototype to CNC machining production.

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