China Precision CNC Parts. When you need CNC jobs, use the precision machining option. DFM Rapid has 20 CNC machines that will guarantee quick-turn manufacturing. We have the capacity to meet your prototype or production demands. Indeed, our quality and the customer-first process will ensure you receive every order to specification.

CNC Machined Aluminium Components

Our engineers and project leads have sufficient manufacturing know-how to handle your projects efficiently. We don’t have MOQ, so if you have any CNC projects ready to go, please feel free to contact us at [email protected], or get a quote online on our website

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Why DFM Rapid?

We are a CNC machining shop in China specializing in machining a wide variety of metal and plastic parts using CNC machines. From 1 to 10000+ parts. We can provide CNC prototyping services & Low volume CNC machining. We can make a machining plan according to your needs, and our experienced engineers can provide advice if you need it.

Our advantage is providing high-quality manufacturing solutions and quickly turning them into reality.

Advantages of CNC Machining
The subtractive process of CNC machining provides multiple benefits for both prototyping and low-volume production parts.

  • Precision and repeatability
  • Tight tolerances
  • Production-grade materials
  • Quick-turn parts within days

CNC Milling

CNC milling is a subtractive manufacturing process that uses 3-axis milling and 4-axis indexed milling processes to cut solid plastic and metal blocks into final parts.

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CNC Turning

CNC turning with live tooling combines both lathe and mill capabilities to machine parts with cylindrical features from metal rod stock.

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What is CNC Machining?
CNC Machining is also called computer numerical control machining, it is digital manufacturing technology. It is one of the most accurate manufacturing methods known by engineers all over the world.

Why choose CNC machining?
CNC machining is a fast, precise, and universal machining method, suitable for manufacturing any quantity of product orders, without the need to make a mold, that is economical.

What materials can be machined?
Common metal materials on the market such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, brass, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy can be used for CNC machining. Plastics can also be CNC machined. Such as acetal, POM, ABS, Polycarbonate, PMMA, PEEK, and more.


What is the maximum part size your machine can handle?
Our maximum part size is 2000 x 600 x 600 mm, 78.7 x 23.6 x 23.6 in

What is the tolerance range that CNC machining can do?
It depends on the dimension of the parts. Normally our standard of tolerance is from +/-0.01mm to +/-0.15mm.

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