CNC lathes are important equipment for realizing flexible automation. Compared with ordinary lathes, CNC lathes have the following advantages.

1. Strong Adaptability

When the CNC lathe is changing the product (production object), it only needs to change the processing program in the CNC device and adjust the relevant data to meet the production needs of the new product, without changing the hardware of the mechanical part and the control part. This feature can not only meet the needs of current product updates and faster market competition, but also better solve the processing problems of single-piece, small and medium-sized batches and changeable products. Strong adaptability is the most prominent advantage of CNC lathes, and it is also the main reason for the emergence and rapid development of CNC lathes.

2. High Machining Accuracy

The characteristics of CNC lathes are relatively high in accuracy. The positioning accuracy of small and medium-sized CNC lathes can reach 0. 005mm, and the repeat positioning accuracy can reach 0. 002mm. Moreover, software can also be used for accuracy correction and compensation, so it can be obtained more accurate than the lathe itself. High machining accuracy and repeatable positioning accuracy are required. In addition, the CNC lathe works automatically according to the predetermined program, and the processing process does not require manual intervention. The machining accuracy of the workpiece is all guaranteed by the machine tool, which eliminates the operator’s human error. Therefore, the processed workpiece has high precision, good dimensional consistency and high quality. Stability is guaranteed.

3. High Productivity

CNC lathes have good structural characteristics, can perform powerful cutting with large cutting amount, effectively save the basic operation time, and also have functions such as automatic speed change, automatic tool change and other auxiliary operation automation, which greatly shorten the auxiliary operation time, so generally Higher productivity than ordinary lathes.

4. High Automation, Low Labor Intensity

The work of the CNC lathe is automatically and continuously completed according to the pre-programmed processing program. The operator does not need to perform complicated and repetitive manual work except inputting the processing program or operating the keyboard, loading and unloading workpieces, intermediate detection of key processes and observing the operation of the machine tool. Operation, labor intensity and tension can be greatly reduced. In addition, CNC lathes generally have better safety protection, automatic chip removal, automatic cooling and automatic lubrication devices, and the working conditions of operators are also greatly improved.

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