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Smooth machining (Ra 1.6μm / Ra 63μin)

Smooth machining is like an ‘As machined’ finish but with slightly less evident machine marks. Parts are machined at a lower feed, no hand polishing is applied.

How Rapid CNC Machining Can Save You Time and Money

Surface finishes, especially in CNC machining, are paramount in dictating the performance, wear resistance, and aesthetic appeal of manufactured parts. ‘Smooth machining (Ra 1.6μm / Ra 63μin)’ denotes a surface finish that is not only visually appealing but also functionally significant in various applications.

Achieving a smooth machined surface, particularly with an Ra of 1.6μm / 63μin, demands meticulous planning, precise tooling, and optimized machining parameters. This surface finish is often sought in applications where reduced friction, enhanced wear resistance, or premium aesthetics are paramount.

Exploring various applications where ‘Smooth machining (Ra 1.6μm / Ra 63μin)’ is pivotal, such as in aerospace components, medical devices, or high-end consumer products, and discussing the considerations and challenges in achieving this surface finish.

As machined Vs. Smooth machining

Aspect As machined (Ra 3.2μm / Ra 126μin) Smooth machining (Ra 1.6μm / Ra 63μin)
Appearance Likely rougher, visible tool marks Smooth, minimal visible tool marks
Applications Suitable where surface finish is not critical Essential where low friction or aesthetic is vital
Generally lower due to fewer machining steps Might be higher due to additional processes
Production Time Typically faster with fewer processes Maybe longer due to additional finishing steps
Material Wear Potentially higher, depending on application Generally lower due to smoother surface
Aesthetic Appeal May be considered industrial or rugged Often considered premium or high-end

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