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Precision CNC Machining for Consumer Electronics

At CNC Rapid, we specialize in providing precision CNC machining services tailored for the consumer electronics industry. Our advanced technology and skilled team ensure that every component we manufacture meets the highest standards of quality and precision, essential for the dynamic field of consumer electronics.

Electronics Parts CNC Machining

Customized Solutions for Innovative Electronics with CNC Rapid

CNC Rapid streamlines the making of parts for consumer electronics, combining speed with precision. Our advanced CNC machining quickly delivers high-quality components, suitable for everything from prototypes to large orders. We focus on fast service without losing quality, ideal for speeding up your electronics projects. Plus, we collaborate closely with clients, ensuring the parts we make are functional, look great, and fit the innovative world of modern electronics.

Rapid CNC Machining Service

Rapid manufacturing for Electronics prototypes

At CNC Rapid, we understand the importance of quick turnarounds without compromising on precision. Our rapid manufacturing services are specifically tailored for creating electronics prototypes that meet the demanding standards of the industry.

Consumer electronics manufacturing capabilities


The most widely used type of CNC milling machine. The full use of the X, Y, and Z directions makes a 3 Axis CNC mill useful for a wide variety of work.


This type of router allows the machine to rotate on a vertical axis, moving the workpiece to introduce more continuous machining.

5-axis cnc machining

3+2 Axis

3+2-axis CNC milling uses a machine with 3 primary axes and 2 rotational axes to efficiently machine complex parts.

Materials & surface finishes for Electronics parts

Consumer electronics materials

Consumer electronics materials

Aluminum: 5052, 6061-T6, 7075-T6, 2024-T351
Copper: Copper C110, Copper C101
Thermoplastics: Polycarbonate (PC), Polyoxymethylene (POM), PEEK, ABS
Commodity polymers: Polypropylene(PP), PVC, Polyethylene (PE)
Composites: Garolite G-10, FR4

Consumer electronics surface finishes

Consumer electronics surface finishes

Powder coating
Electroless nickel plating
Insert installation
Heat treatment

Gallery of CNC machined consumer electronics parts

We machine rapid prototypes and low-volume production orders for customers in multiple industries: aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, hardware startups, industrial automation, machinery, manufacturing, medical devices, oil & gas and robotics.

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We work closely with you throughout the prototyping process, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with your vision and specifications. Whether you’re at the concept stage or ready for prototype testing, our team is here to support your innovation and help bring your electronic ideas to reality.

About DFM Rapid

At DFM Rapid, we specialize in one-stop rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing services. Our edge lies in delivering high-quality manufacturing solutions promptly, turning innovative concepts into tangible realities. Contact CNC Rapid for your electronics prototyping needs and experience the efficiency and quality of our rapid manufacturing services. Let’s turn your innovative ideas into tangible, high-functioning prototypes.