CNC Machining

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As machined (Ra 3.2μm / Ra 126μin)

This is our standard finish. Parts are machined and deburred, sharp edges are chamfered.

CNC Milling Precision

‘As machined’ refers to the untouched, raw surface of a part as it comes off the CNC machine, with an average surface roughness (Ra) of 3.2μm or 126μin. This specific Ra value is crucial in applications where surface smoothness can impact the functionality, wear resistance, and lifespan of a part.

CNC machining is revered for its ability to produce parts with high precision and repeatability. Achieving an ‘As machined (Ra 3.2μm / Ra 126μin)’ surface finish requires a thorough understanding of machining parameters, tool selection, and path planning to ensure the desired outcome while maintaining efficiency.

Material-Specific Considerations


  • Aluminum: Balancing lightweight properties with a smooth, ‘As machined’ finish.
  • Stainless Steel: Navigating through its strength to achieve a precise surface without compromising integrity.


  • ABS: Ensuring surface smoothness while maintaining the material’s inherent benefits.
  • PTFE: Achieving a smooth finish while capitalizing on its low friction properties.

Design and Engineering Insights

Incorporating ‘As machined (Ra 3.2μm / Ra 126μin)’ considerations during the design phase ensures manufacturability while adhering to surface finish requirements. Engaging with machinists and leveraging their expertise during the design phase can unveil insights into optimizing designs for both functionality and manufacturability.

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