CNC Custom Parts for Industrial Machinery

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Custom CNC Solutions for Industrial Machinery

CNC Rapid specializes in fabricating essential industrial parts such as gears, gearboxes, shafts, housings, valves, flanges, custom fixtures, and precision components. These parts are fundamental in industries requiring exacting standards of precision and reliability.

Industrial Machinery CNC Parts

Why Choose CNC Rapid for Industrial Machinery Parts?

CNC Rapid is the go-to choice for industrial machinery parts due to the precision, speed, and custom solutions. We offer advanced CNC machining, rapid prototyping, and a wide range of materials and finishes. With our commitment to quality and versatility to serve various industries, CNC Rapid ensures that our clients get exactly what they need for their specific projects.

Industrial Machinery CNC Parts

Rapid Prototyping and Production

CNC Rapid excels in rapid prototyping, enabling clients to quickly realize and test their designs before full-scale production. This capability is crucial for innovation and time-to-market efficiency. Additionally, their full-scale production services ensure that once a design is finalized, mass production can commence swiftly, maintaining high quality across all units.

Industrial Machinery manufacturing capabilities


The most widely used type of CNC milling machine. The full use of the X, Y, and Z directions makes a 3 Axis CNC mill useful for a wide variety of work.


This type of router allows the machine to rotate on a vertical axis, moving the workpiece to introduce more continuous machining.

5-axis cnc machining

3+2 Axis

3+2-axis CNC milling uses a machine with 3 primary axes and 2 rotational axes to efficiently machine complex parts.

Materials & surface finishes for Industrial Machinery

Industrial machinery materials

Industrial machinery materials

Steel & stainless steel: 303, 316/316L, 15-5, Tool Steels, 4140, 1.7225
Aluminum: 6061-T6, 6082, 7075-T6, 5083-H111, 2017
Brass & Copper Alloys: C360, Copper C110, Copper C101
Thermoplastics: Polyoxymethylene (POM), PEEK, PET
Commodity polymers: Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene(PP), PVC

Industrial machinery surface finishes

Industrial machinery surface finishes

Electroless nickel plating
Black oxide
Chromate conversion coating
Powder coating
Insert installation
Heat treatment

Gallery of CNC machined Industrial Machinery parts

We machine rapid prototypes and low-volume production orders for customers in multiple industries: aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, hardware startups, industrial automation, machinery, manufacturing, medical devices, oil & gas and robotics.

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As a key partner in the industrial sector, CNC Rapid’s advanced technology, material versatility, and commitment to quality make them a pivotal player in meeting and exceeding the demands of modern industrial machinery.

About DFM Rapid

At CNC Rapid, we are more than just a machining service. We are your partners in driving industrial innovation, delivering precision, speed, and reliability in manufacturing the essential components that power industrial advancements. Whether it’s a one-off prototype or a full-scale production run, our team is equipped to bring your industrial machinery concepts to reality. With our expertise, your machinery projects are not just ideas but achievable, high-quality results.